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Pixilart is a free online pixel art drawing tool and social platform. Create game sprites, make pixel art, animated GIFs, share artwork and socialize online.
Email assistant that learns from your writing style. New from the creators of Leave Me Alone (one of our most popular sites of 2022), this tool generates email replies as if they were written by you. Free for up to 2 replies per day.
ChatGPT is everywhere; it got more than 1 million users a week and could revolutionise search. This site has prompts that get the AI to do amazing things. Try an AI fallacy findertext-based adventure game or many more. Already at 8.8k stars on Github 😲
Ultimate Book List
Personalised book recommendations from experts and celebrities. Browse all the books recommended by a particular person, or work in reverse and see which books are recommended most often. Free to use.
Open source URL shortener with analytics. Create links with a simple wizard that adds options like custom social cards, android / iOS targeting or expiration dates. Free up to 1k clicks per month or self host.
Android apps hand-picked by independent creators. This alternative to Play Store rankings selects apps on quality and usefulness, not downloads. Regularly updated and ad-free.
Traveler Map
Find the world’s best parks. Want to hike, picnic or walk in the woods? This free site from Kacper Goliński has the name, location and a brief description of an incredible number of national parks all over the world.
Indie versions of popular SaaS products. If you prefer independent software makers to big companies, this site helps you find alternatives to popular apps, like Tally as an alternative to Typeform.
Be a better friend. Monica lets you record things about people you know like gifts they gave you, their pets and life events so you can refresh your memory before you meet again and show them you care.
Ktool lets you send and read articles, blog posts and newsletters directly on your Kindle.
Side hustle ideas with tailored guides on how to launch them. Sidehunter has over 200 side hustle ideas, organised by categories like content creation, selling services and selling products. Free to use.
Disposable phone numbers for online verification. This free service gives you a real phone number that can receive SMS messages so you can keep your real number private. Numbers from USA and UK available.
Focus Mate
Procrastinating? Struggling to stay in a flow state? Focusmate facilitates virtual coworking with partners who are committed to getting important work done. Can boost productivity by 200-300% 🚀
Android Intelligence
Got Android? Check out Android Intelligence, a free weekly guide that brings you three smart tips every Friday. Learn tons of useful new stuff. Bonus tips on your favorite subject, instantly, when you sign up.
Online speech coach. Yoodli helps speakers practice and improve elevator pitches, best man speeches and interview presentations, with zero pressure. Gives feedback on filler words, speed and even eye contact.
Marketing Examples
A huge collection of great marketing designs, split into categories. Marketing a book, app, podcast or something else? Find market-specific examples of everything from landing pages to competitor comparisons.
Cheap flights with cashback. SkyScanner is great for finding the cheapest flight options; WayAway gives the same results, with cashback on top. This is great as airlines aren’t usually on cashback sites.
Turn a process into a step-by-step guide. Scribe records you performing the tasks required and automatically generates your guide, which can be edited and customised. Perfect for working with virtual assistants.
Automate your manual tasks. Bardeen lets you get website data without code using its built-in scraper, as well as automating manual tasks like email outreach, sending notifications and even scheduling meetings.
Create a hand made website. Ideal for quriky projects, personal pages or a mood board, Poxi provides easy to use drag-and-drop tools and can even embed Soundcloud or Spotify tracks if your album is dropping soon.
Reflect is a notes app that mirrors how your brain works. By linking notes together, you can trace associations and get instant recall. It’s end-to-end encrypted, works offline and works on any device (including Kindle).
Self-hostable, zero-knowledge data vault. Liso lets you store your passwords, sensitive files and other data using Web 3 technology. Store your data on their servers or your own. Works offline with native apps.
Custom maps make plans for vacations, local festivals and even weddings easier to understand. Proxi makes creating them easy, and the option to share with a QR code is great for quick map access at live events.
Hive Index
Hive Index makes almost 1,500 online communities searchable. By filtering for features like member pairing or live events, you can find communities that offer the right features as well as fitting your niche.
Avatar AI
Upload around 20 pictures of yourself and Avatar AI will generate some truly next-level profile images like these examples created by @yongfook.
Designing or updating a website? Sizzy lets you see how it looks on different devices, all at once. It also has tools for Social Media previews, A/B testing and full-page screenshots.
The screenshot tool market is crowded right now, but Pika stands out by letting you create screenshots from a link, with MacOS or Windows-style frames. All the screenshots in this issue were made with Pika.
Decision Game
This fun game helps you learn to avoid Analysis Paralysis and make decisions. Whether you’re building your MVP or planning lunch, saving a kitty from the Overthinking Monster should motivate you to choose quickly.
Featured Image Generator
This tool lets you paste a blog post to generate a relevant cover image. It seems amazingly effective - the image above was generated for this Futurism article about a robot joining the Indian police force.
Get properly formatted work requests quietly, in a single digest. Isla helps you deliver faster by letting clients or co-workers ask for your input in a consistent way, via email, text or portal, without interrupting you.
Gummy Search
Trying to find problems to solve, validate your ideas or find customers? Gummy Search streamlines the process of finding niche audiences on Reddit, understanding their needs and selling your solution.
Tiny Kiwi
Tiny Kiwi makes it really easy to create great-looking images for social media, landing pages, tutorials and blog posts. It also creates OG Images that can increase Twitter engagement by ~40%.
Leave Me Alone
Get your inbox under control: see all of your newsletters in a single list and unsubscribe from any you no longer want with a single click. For any you still enjoy, you can also get a daily or weekly rollup to keep everything tidy.
Profit Hunt
This collection lists online businesses that make money - from $100/mo to $millions. It's great for side project inspo, but the link to additional info about what makes each business successful can be even more useful.
Explore themed collections like Astronomy or Chinese Graphic Design to find unexpected inspiration, or create your own collection. Feels like Pinterest, but design-focused and without the spammy content.
Hacker Simulator
If you want to make your screen look like a scene from 90s classic Hackers, look no further than Hacker Simulator. The terminal window even fills with realistic text when you hit random keys.
Clean install of Windows? Ninite lets you install most common apps at once - everything from Chrome, Spotify and Steam to Zoom and 7-Zip - with a single installer. Amazing time saver and avoids accidental toolbar installs.
Growth Design
Growth Design uses real-world examples to show how user experience can be improved, in comic book format. Useful for makers, but also interesting if you just want to know more about the psychology that businesses use.
Workspaces is an incredible collection of real desk setups where creative individuals spend their days. Each featured setup includes details of the equipment and a brief interview with the creator.
Flip Clock
Need a retro futuristic clock on a second monitor or spare iPad? Flipclock has you covered - just pull it up in the browser and hit full screen. There's also the option to add new themes and animations.
Jimpl is a free tool that uncovers hidden metadata in photos, like where and when the picture was taken. It can also remove all personal data from the image so it can be safely shared with others.
ThreadNotes saves useful Twitter threads and lets you schedule your own tweets and threads, all directly in Notion. Once set up, saving is as easy as replying '@ThreadNotesApp #save' on the thread.
Web Clipboard
Web Clipboard lets you copy and paste between your phone and computer. Just open the site and scan the qr code from your phone to send text in either direction with end-to-end encryption 🤯
fffuel is a curated collection of free pattern generators to create unique website backgrounds, or just freshen up your desktop. The creator also made this amazing collection of free tools for learning music online.
Want to draw an infinitely scalable sine wave? This site lets you do just that, with options for amplitude, wavelength and frequency.
Billion Dollar Business Ideas
Billion Dollar Business Ideas presents problems from the community that new startups could solve, rated by other users. It’s the latest project from @RatheeJaisal (6 successful exits) so the ideas should be 🔥
No Code Exits
This brand new newsletter chronicles businesses built on no-code platforms that got acquired. Creator @KattRisen interviews a maker each week to learn how they built, grew and ultimately sold their business.
Get an instant text summary of any long YouTube video like a lecture or live stream. It’s like SparkNotes for YouTube.
Have I Been Trained?
Are photos of you being used to train AI models? Have I Been Trained lets you find out by searching the world’s largest AI training database (5.85 billion images 🤯) using your name or an uploaded picture.
Buddy Crush
Buddy Crush helps build new habits through accountability. The site lets you create groups for daily habits like reading or working out and invite friends to see when they’re completing the activity.
Consensus is a new search engine that answers questions using peer-reviewed research. Its creators wanted instant answers to the question: “what does the science actually say about x, y, and z?”
Snackable Copy Tips
Snackable Copy Tips helps solopreneurs, indie makers and bootstrapped founders write more persuasive copy. It’s perfect for visual learners and new techniques can be learned during a quick coffee break.
Get daily inspiration from some of the best web designs out there. Fancy something colorful and illustrative? The filters make it easy to find. features live lofi music streams to help you focus, work, study or relax. Lots of new scenes and options have been added since the site was featured in issue #13.
Email Permutator
Find anyone’s email - for free - by generating dozens of permutations based on their first name, last name and more settings.
Interior design is incredibly hard but Craftle helps fix that. Just type in your desired budget and it generates an infinite number of furniture mood-boards that you can buy from.
Eel Slap
Are you feeling frustrated? This fun website lets you slap a man on the face with an eel as many times as you like.
Artvee is a super cool website that lets you discover and download ultra high-resolution art for free. You can search by artist, category or keyword. For example, you can download a copy of the Mona Lisa here.
This House Does Not Exist
This House Does Not Exist is an AI powered website that generates a beautiful new house using Stable Diffusion. None of these homes actually exist (yet).
Content Ideas
ContentIdeas is an insanely useful website that lets you find viral and trending content in any niche for free.
Elastic Man
Elastic man features a face with incredibly stretchy skin. Pull the skin to see some hilarious results.
Upstract is an insanely useful website that lets you read the entire internet on a single page. It features curated headlines and links from the most popular websites including Reddit, Google news, NY Times and more.
Open Peeps
Open Peeps is a free library of hand-drawn illustrations that you can use in your next project or website. You can mix & match different elements like hairstyles or clothing to create unique “peeps”, or simply get started with their ready-to-download library.
Prompt Hero
Prompt Hero is a massive collection of the world’s best AI art prompts. Explore their mind-blowing library and search thousands of beautiful images created by AI models like DALL-E.
Logotouse is a collection of more than 120+ million logos that are completely free. Download any logo in LogoToUse and do whatever you want with them.
Drive and Listen
Drive and Listen is a super cool website that lets you take a virtual drive through cities around the world and listen to local radio stations.
Notable People
This website shows the birthplaces of the most notable people from around the world. Move the map around and zoom in to view all the notable people in an area.
Emoji Kitchen
This website is so much fun! Select any two emojis and the tool will combine them in fun and unexpected ways. Try it out and send us your best creations.
Viral Post Generator
This random website uses AI to write cringeworthy Linkedin posts that go viral and the results are hilarious. Try it out and send us your best creations!
City Walks
City Walks is a brilliant free website that lets you take virtual walking tours in cities all around the world. Choose from Dublin in Ireland, Dubai in UAE or Florence in Italy. The world is your oyster!
Ever wondered what technology the most successful startups in the world are using? provides a curated list of the tools used by some of the best tech teams in the world.
Billion Dollar Pitch Decks
Billion Dollar Pitch Decks is a free collection of 100+ pitch decks that popular startups used to raise billions of dollars in funding. Perfect if you’re thinking about starting a business or fundraising.
Talk To Books
Talk to Books (by Google) is a fascinating website that lets you ask any question to its collection of 100,000+ books and gives you quotes from books that answer your question. Try it!
Imagator is a website that lets you compress, convert, edit and resize your images quickly and for free. No ads and no sign-up required.
Craiyon is a free website that lets you create images from words using AI. Type in words to describe what you want and it’ll produce an image to match!
Wonder Tools
Wonder Tools helps you discover the most useful sites & apps you might otherwise miss out on. Get this concise free weekly email written by a former Time Magazine reporter.
10 Minute Mail
10 Minute Mail is a free disposable email service that helps you beat spam. Perfect if you need to sign-up for a website and don’t want to give up your real email address.
Hobby Generator
Hobby Generator spits out an endless amount of random hobby ideas one at a time.
This website showcases a collection of movies from sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others that you can watch for free.
Rather than focusing on free tools for startup founders, now reveals the secrets behind some amazingly successful online businesses. They recently featured Taplio, which makes over $40k MRR 😲
Saw It On TikTok
How do you keep track of all those viral products you see on TikTok? Saw it on TikTok curates products that have gone viral and lets you buy them.
Half Baked Ideas
Find hundreds of half-baked app ideas at one place, crowdsourced by the internet. Share your half-baked ideas or vote for your favourite ones.
50 Hacks
This free website collected the 50 best productivity hacks, as voted on by the internet. Upvote your favourite hacks or write your own.
Recommend Me a Book
Recommend Me a Book helps you discover new books by reading just the first page. If you’re hooked, click the reveal button to find out more about the book and author.
Image Upscaler
Image Upscaler by ClipDrop is a free tool that lets you upscale, de-noise and enhance any image in seconds. We tried this tool with a few old pictures and it works very well!
Like Wordle
LikeWordle features a huge list of alternative games and puzzles that are similar to Wordle. Check out Squabble, WeWordle, Slangle and many more!
Weekly Filet
Every week, it’s a treasure trove full of serendipity — which makes it truly one of the best places on the internet. Every Friday, the Weekly Filet provides you with a careful selection of great things to read, watch and listen to.
Absurd Trolley Problems
A fun game that lets you solve ethical dilemma problems and see how your decision compares to other players. It's a great coffee break conversation starter too.
Weird Old Book Finder
Weird Old Book Finder is a super cool search tool that finds weird old books to help “rewild your attention”. It only finds books that are free to read or download. features live scenes for over 100 different animals in the wild. Watch African Elephants and Hippos in the wild, cute Great Danes taking a nap and donkeys in a barn.
How many people are in space right now
This website lets you see how many people are in space at any given time and how many days they’ve been up there. Pretty cool!
Free Learning List
Free Learning List is a directory to help you discover the best education resources on the internet. It includes links to free courses, podcasts, Youtube channels, how-to websites and many more. Bookmark this one :)
Taste Atlas
Are you tired of eating the same boring fast-food everywhere you go? Taste Atlas is your travel guide to discover local food, traditional dishes & authentic restaurants around the world.
Copywriting Prompts
Want to become a better writer? This free website helps you practice your copywriting with daily email prompts to sharpen your skills.
Should I Speed
How much faster would you reach your destination if you drove a bit faster? Use this simple website to calculate how much time you would save by speeding.
The Sound of Colleagues
The Sound of Colleagues is a really cool website with different white noise options that emulate the sound of working in an office environment, helping you focus on your work. Play around with the volume levels for different sounds to find your perfect mix.
Ever wondered what terms of services you agreed to? This website summarizes terms of service of various platforms so you don’t have to.
AI Gahaku
This website turns any photo that you upload into a masterpiece painting using AI. You can easily apply various painting styles such as Renaissance, Pop Art, Expressionism and many more!
‘Like Spotify, but for natural soundscapes’, is a wonderful website that helps you discover and listen to beautiful nature sounds from all over the world.
Pixel Thoughts
Pixel Thoughts is a thoughtful 60-second meditation tool that helps you clear your mind, completely free and no sign-up required.
Video Mentions
VideoMentions is a new tool that allows you to search YouTube based on spoken words to find videos that mention your brand, your product, or the topics you care about. Super useful and completely free to use!
Pixel Hunter
Cropping each and every image by hand can be tiresome. Pixelhunter is a free AI image resizer for your social media posts. Just upload your image and it will automatically adapt it for over 100 different sizes.
Play Phrase
This cool website lets you type in a random word or phrase, and then plays you scenes from movies with that phrase. Go try it out!
Have I Been Pwned?
Worried about being hacked? This website lets you check if your email or phone has been leaked in a data breach.
Word Tune
Word Tune lets you “tune” your message and helps you say exactly what you mean by rewriting your text. You can even choose between a “casual” or “formal” tone to find the perfect message.
Ancient Earth
Have you ever wondered what the Earth looked like 470 million years ago? This cool website lets you time travel and visualise the Earth’s continental shifts over the past 750 million years. Use your arrow keys to see the changes over time or jump to a specific time period.
Free Email Signature Generator
Want to make a more professional impression in your emails? This free to use website lets you create a professional-looking email signature super-fast. Just pick one of the 5 available designs and customise them to your taste.
Summari is an insanely useful website that lets you summarize any text, article or website in one click using AI.
Retro Snake
Remember back in the day when we all had Nokia phones that came pre-loaded with the Snake game? This website lets you play the retro snake game online for free. Try beating my high score!
Jiffy Reader
Jiffy is a simple chrome extension that lets you read anything on the internet faster and more clearly using bionic reading. This is an insane brain hack and definitely something you should try.
Vector Wiki
Vectorwiki is a curated directory with more than 120,000 vector brand logos and icons that you can use for any project.
12ft Ladder
12ft can bypass (almost) any paywall by showing you the unrestricted version of a page that the Google crawler sees. Just enter the link on the website and click “Remove Paywall” to get started.
Working from home and miss coffee shop sounds? This website recreates the ambient sounds of a busy coffee shop to boost your creativity and help you work better.
Hacker Typer
This cool website lets you pretend you’re a hacker. Just follow the instructions on the website and start typing to impress your mates or scare your mum with your impressive hacker skills.
Ever wondered how much a software engineer at Amazon makes? This website lets you compare salaries and compensation packages across different tech companies.
This website lets you generate images from text descriptions using AI, and we’re actually surprised by how good they are! Let’s say you want to see an image of a chipmunk eating a carrot while sitting on a horse? This site can do that for you.
AlternativeTo lets you find alternatives for popular apps and software, with around 104,361 apps listed so far.
Layoffs.FYI is a website tracking tech companies and startups that have recently laid off employees. You can even anonymously report layoffs  if you have intel.
Supermeme is an AI-powered meme generator that lets you search for memes naturally using emotions or actions. The perfect tool to level up your meme game.
Pick any country on the map and let yourself get carried away by a beautiful musical collection which takes you on a journey through different decades.
Sign Free
SignFree is a useful website that allows you to e-sign unlimited documents for free in less than 30 seconds.
Do Nothing For 2 Minutes
This incredibly useless website challenges to sit and do nothing for two minutes. It comes with a timer that resets itself when you move the cursor or perform an action.
Hex Invaders
This is a cute little browser game that uses your knowledge of colour to defeat incoming invaders.
Projection Lab
Create beautiful financial plans that go beyond the standard retirement calculators, with no need to link your accounts. Build a living model of your whole life and reduce anxiety around your finances.
Eat This Much
Eat This Much lets you put your diet on autopilot by creating personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule.
Beach Nearby
This website uses crowdsourced data to help you discover the best beaches near you, with 25,277 added so far. Just in time for summer! 🏖
Tunefind is a free music search website which helps to find music featured in television series and movies.
WindowSwap is a global community sharing the view from their windows to brighten someone’s day, somewhere in the world. Use it to relax, reflect, focus or for travel inspiration.
Will Robots Take My Job?
Find out the probability of a robot taking your job.
Maybe you’ve got a goal in mind, a business idea you want to be reminded of, or just some random thoughts you’d like to save for later - you can use this website to send an email to future you.
What Should I Read Next?
This website helps you choose your next read. Just enter a book or author you like and it’ll provide recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.
My 90s TV
This brilliant retro TV player lets you watch countless programs from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. Just pick your year and click to change channels.
Forvo is a pronunciation dictionary that helps you pronounce words in other languages, as pronounced and uploaded by native speakers. The database currently contains 6 million words in over 430 languages.
Weigh Off
Which is heavier - 20,000 peas or an ostrich? Weigh Off is a fun little browser game to challenge you.
I Have No TV
A massive collection of free documentaries available for streaming.
Resoomer helps you quickly summarize any lengthy paragraph or text in 1 click and identify the main ideas. Perfect for students trying to summarize a Wikipedia page.
Pomofocus is a browser based pomodoro timer that helps you focus on any task you are working on, such as study, writing, or coding using the Pomodoro Technique.
Fast Flood
Fast Flood is a simple game where your goal is to make every square the same color in 16 moves or less. It took us 25 moves… can you do better?
Undock is a useful calendar app like autocomplete that suggests meeting times based on your availability and preferences.
Zen is a free app that uses your computer’s webcam to correct your posture in realtime. Get alerts when you slouch and gentle reminders to stand up, take a walk and stretch.
FakeYou is an insanely useful website that allows you to make a celebrity or cartoon character say whatever you want using their text to speech AI. Get anything you want dictated!
Animated Drawings
This website lets you animate any drawing and bring it to life.
TinyWow is a free collection of “tiny” tools that will solve all your file problems. It provides free online conversion, pdf, and other handy tools to help you solve problems of all types.
Classic Reload
Want to bring some nostalgia and play some old games? This website lets you play vintage retro games right in your browser!
Magic Eraser
Magic eraser lets you remove unwanted objects from photos for free.
Blog Title Idea Generator
Blog Title Idea Generator is a free tool that helps you generate content ideas and viral hooks for your blog.
The Hemingway app is a distraction-free writing and editing tool that helps you polish your writing skills.
Museum of Endangered Sounds
Want a dose of serious nostalgia? The Museum of Endangered Sounds will send you back in time. Listen to perfectly preserved sounds of old tech like the classic Nokia ringtone.
Endless Horse
Have some spare time to kill? Check out Endless Horse - a website featuring a horse with infinitely long legs. Can you see where it ends?
Natural Reader
NaturalReader is a free text-to-speech tool (TTL) that converts any text to audio, and allows you to choose from various voices or accents. It even lets you download the audio file as an mp3 to listen offline.
Worldwide Radio
Worldwide Radio is a free chrome extension that lets you tune in to almost 50,000 radio stations from around the world.
Unscreen is a pretty cool web app that lets you remove the background from any video. And the best part? It’s 100% free.
Here Before A Million
Here Before a Million is a streaming site for music videos that have less than 1m views on YouTube.
Are you tired of using boring screenshots? is an insanely useful website that lets you convert boring screenshots into beautiful images in seconds.
Tablerone helps you get to tab zero within seconds with an all-in-one tab session manager for Chrome. Stay in the flow with saved workspaces and organised bookmarks.
Make your 8bit Pixel avatar in no time with PixelMe. The recent explosion of NFTs has made pixel art cool again. PixelMe is a free tool to create your own 8bit profile pictures without drawing skills, just a few clicks and you’ll be ready. You can also generate random avatars and have fun!
tabExtend is like your superpower. It lets you visually organize and save tabs, quickly take notes or write to-dos, and access them anywhere.
Merge My PDFs
Merge My PDFs is an insanely useful tool that lets you magically merge multiple PDF documents into a single file.
Best Affiliate Programs
Best Affiliate Programs is a free & curated directory of 100+ of the best startup affiliate programs that pay the highest commission.
Corgi Orgy
Corgi orgy features an army of adorable corgis moving to an upbeat rhythm. Just remember to turn the audio on from the bottom right corner on the page and join the fun.
Umbrella Today
Do you need an umbrella today? Umbrella Today is a useful website that will help you find out.
Toffee Share
ToffeeShare is a website that lets you securely transfer files without a size limit. Useful if you’re trying to send high quality images or 4K videos.
Expired Domains
ExpiredDomains gathers all the information you need to find good expired domains or domains pending deletion so that you can backorder them.
Keppler is a tool for real-time code sharing, useful for lectures or presentations.
Stretchly is an open source app that reminds you to take breaks when working on your computer. Stretch, take some deep breaths, rest your eyes.
Use this website to find out what time it is anywhere in the world! Insanely useful if you’re trying to schedule a meeting with people in different time zones.
Budget Sheet
BudgetSheet is a Google Sheets Extension that automatically imports all your bank transactions into any Google Sheet so you can budget any way you want. No more manual exports or copying & pasting from CSV files!
Memegine is the internet’s search engine for memes. We all need a good meme from time to time, and memegine is a search engine for finding them.
Super Agent
Say goodbye to those annoying cookie pop ups! SuperAgent is an insanely useful browser extension that helps you take control and improve your browsing experience by automatically taking care of all those pop-up cookie notifications based on your set preferences.
LALAL.AI lets you remove specific instruments or vocals from any song. This is useful if you’ve ever wanted to make your own instrumental or karaoke track.
1Password is the easiest way to store and use strong passwords. Log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click.
A Good Movie To Watch
A Good Movie To Watch lets you find incredible movies and TV shows to watch based on your mood.
Cleanup Pictures
Cleanup Pictures is a free website that lets you remove any object, people, text or defects from your pictures super fast.
Omni Calculator
Omni Calculator is a free database of 2190 calculators. For example, check out their collection of 392 finance calculators or 126 calculators for everyday life.
Webflow lets you design, build, and launch powerful websites without coding.
The Slice
The Slice is a free newsletter that shares cool new products and actionable reads that will turn your ideas into launches.
Just Delete Me
Just delete me is a directory of direct links to delete your account from platforms and websites.
Cognitive Bias Codex
Wikipedia’s list of 188 cognitive biases, grouped into categories and rendered in an easy to digest format.